Der Greif Schmiede Special Issue #2

2010, Postermagazine, 70 x 100 cm, print run: 500, numbered.

Published in November 2010, the second special issue in cooperation with Schmiede Hallein is in a large 70 x 100 cm format. In order to showcase the diversity of the different Smiths, every cover is a mirror foil with cut-out sunglasses, making the viewer itself become the cover. A special code in the imprint leads to additional audio- and video-material on the Greif-website. The poster shows a portrait entitled »The Smith 2010«, consisting of around 150 portraits of Smiths, shot by Ela Grieshaber during Schmiede 2010. I developed a little processing sketch, that produced one average image out of all these portraits.

Every copy is numbered.

Sponsor: Schmiede Hallein
Print: Joh. Walch, Augsburg
Curation, Layout: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt