Der Greif Schmiede Special Issue #2

2010, Postermagazine, 70 x 100 cm, print run: 500, numbered.

Published in November 2010, the second special issue in cooperation with Schmiede Hallein is in a large 70 x 100 cm format. In order to showcase the diversity of the different Smiths, every cover is a mirror foil with cut-out sunglasses, making the viewer itself become the cover. A special code in the imprint leads to additional audio- and video-material on the Greif-website. The poster shows a portrait entitled »The Smith 2010«, consisting of around 150 portraits of Smiths, shot by Ela Grieshaber during Schmiede 2010. I developed a little processing sketch, that produced one average image out of all these portraits.

Every copy is numbered.

Sponsor: Schmiede Hallein
Print: Joh. Walch, Augsburg
Curation, Layout: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt

Der Greif

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Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with a focus on photography. It addresses itself to people with an affinity for image and text.

Der Greif is a print-magazine, online-platform, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and authors from all over the world.

The artistic core and root of the project is the printed and ad-free magazine. It shows the works of photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art.

Since 2010 I’m a co-publisher of DER GREIF together with Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner and Claudio Ricci. Besides the conceptual and curational work, which we do all together, I’m concerned with all the technical issues regarding the website and the logistical effort of curating several thousand photographs and poems by artists from all over the world.